Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lizzie ♥

I thought I'd share some more products that I have been using to keep my skin looking tip top for summer. These three come from the wonderful Liz Earle, a brand I think we all love greatly!

♥Liz Earle Sheer Gold Shimmer

This is a fabulous little product for sunny summer days, it's very light and cooling on the skin. You apply it to where ever you want a subtle gold highlight, along your legs, collarbones or your cheekbones. I love this on my face and applied onto my legs if I'm wearing something that means getting my legs out I find it helps to illuminate my tan more, giving a golden sheen.

Packed with Naturally active ingredients include organic aloe vera, natural source vitamin E and 10 essential oils, it smells very herbal like other Liz Earle products. 

Priced at £8.95 for 50ml on-line HERE

♥Liz Earle Gentle Skin Exfoliator 

I've spoken about this before, but it deserves another mention it is the only facial exfoliator I have used in a long time. If you summer from blocked pore, black heads or a dull complexion then I'd happily recommend this to you it will buff away any impurities on your skin and clear away any dead skin cells with the help of purifying eucalyptus, softening cocoa butter and fine jojoba beads.

Priced at £12.50 for 70ml on-line HERE

♥Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum

I've been using this for about 2 months now and having come to the end of it's little life I wanted to share this product with you as it's a real gem. Now I don't have major lines around my eyes but with a lot of make-up removal my eyes are as fresh as I'd want them to be this helps them to be plump and hydrated. It also makes my concealer goes on nicer and smoother.

You can also use this product around your lips, forehead anywhere you notice fine lines appearing.

Priced at £13.25 for 10ml on-line HERE

So there you go 3 speed reviews on products I'm loving as part of my skin routine right now.


Anonymous said...

Liz Earle is a m a z i n g :D I've just started using the Cleanse and Polish, and I love it :). I am going to get the exfoliator next though, as that looks amazing as well.

Anonymous said...

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Carla said...

I'm thinking of getting the anti-blemish kit soon! May I ask how many times a week do you use the exfoliator? Cos I have an exfoliator that I use everyday and I'd like to replace that with the liz earle one but I don't know if it's too harsh to use everyday!
Thanks for the review :)


MakeupLoveer said...

I used it once a week by itself and every other day I mix a little with my liz earle cleanse and polish x