Monday, 16 May 2011

Pearls of tanning wisdom from Xen Tan♥

I will warn you this is a photo heavy post! This nifty little book came along with my latest Xen tan product, Xen Tan's little book of tanning, is crammed full of all the tips you need to get a flawless golden tan. I loved the idea and thought I would snap some pictures so you can have a read and hopefully it will help you get a streak free bronze goddess tan. It covers everything from at home tanning to getting a spray tan, with tips for before, during and after to ensure it all goes smoothly. If you haven't tried fake tan before this is a great place to cover all the steps and if you a fake tan lover maybe you'll pick up a tip or two.

Hopefully this was helpful to you guys :)


Onna said...

I'll definitely be trying out the tips on how to apply to hands, feet and back! thanks hun x

Heather Does Make Up said...

This is great...unusual tip for the back! Could be one to try if I get stuck without anyone to do it for me! I really love Xen-Tan, it's fantastic!


Jessica French said...

Really good post :) I just bought some xen-tan and will be doing a video post so I will definitely refer to this post to give everyone some extra tips! xoxo

G A B Y said...

Super interesting post, I didn't know the trick with the piece of cling film! I usually put self-tanner on the back of my arm (: