Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday ♥

- Strong brows, over the last couple of months brows have been a focus point I almost feel naked without my brows and lashes being down.
- Glitter polish, on my toes & my nails I just can't get enough of it. I went through a bit of a phase hating glitter but now I fully love it again. OPI do the best shades I adore their burlesque collection.
- Halo Hair Extensions 'The Halo', I have a video recorded on this it is simply genius.
- Running, hopefully you will have seen my latest vlog I have started running and I am loving it so far. It is very therapeutic to just run. My adidas trainers are so comfy too :)
- Freelance work, my little adventure is going really well and I have a few shoots lined up this week so I'm a busy bee.

- My sleeping pattern, it is so out of sync one night sleeping one/two nights awake! It is draining me completely, not sure how much longer I can go on at this rate so far its been like this for nearly a month.
- Rain, what happened to the wonderful sunshine?! I want it back :(
- Torn ligaments, I have seriously hurt my knee and I am tryna push through with my running but christ does it hurt some days.
- Forgetting my camera, I keeping forgetting either the camera or the memory card meaning I can't vlog. Note to self: REMEMBER YOUR CAMERA!

I haven't done one of these in absolutely ages hope you enjoyed :D


Jessica Beautician said...

I love these sorts of posts, keep them coming! :D

*Zoe* said...

Great post. Must admit I love nosey blog posts! And I can't leave the house without filling in my brows either! x

Marilou said...

I absolutely loveee your new obsession with strong brows! It looks fab on you :)

Emma said...

I agree with the strong brows, I've just recently swapped to a darker pencil and it makes so much difference!


jessica rose said...

how gorgeous do you look! need a video on this look x

Andrea said...

Hey Lou!! You look so beautiful & refreshed in this post! Can you please do a video on this look?? PLEASE!! lol =)

buy rift account said...

lovely~ :)

Cat said...

you look so lush in that photo! :) xx