Monday, 13 September 2010

MAC Giveaway♥

## NOTE: Giveaway has been extended until the end of the month just have some personal things I'm dealing with right not, I'll announce the winner on the last day of the month. Hope you all don't mind too much! I'll throw in an extra ##

So I am in a rather fabulous mood right now, and I thought it was time I did a giveaway! For what I hear you ask?... I will be giving a lucky subbie 2 MAC eye shadows and a MAC lipstick of their choice! As well as some other goodies  I will throw in just cause I love ya' 

This will be open to everyone, internationally too so noone is left out!!

The giveaway will end in one month on Wednesday 13th October 2010 at midnight in the UK

- You must be a follower of my blog!
- You must be 16 or above (or under 16 if your parents are ok with you giving your name and address out!)
- Tell me in the comment what shades you would choose if you win and why!
- If you tweet about the giveaway you will get 2 extra entries - but you must follow me on twitter @MakeupLoveer or I won't see the tweet!! Remember to let me know in the comment too!
- If you put a link on your blog or do a post you will get another 2 extra entries -Remember to let me know in the comment too!
- Include a contact email so if you win I can reach you

So I think that's all! Good luck to everyone.. spread the word!



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Hanna said...

I am a follower and over 16.

I'd love Lime and Humid eye shadows, because I haven't really tried MAC greens on my eyelids, but they look gorgeous on most swatches I've seen. Lady Danger would be my choice of lipstick, because, well... just look at it!

Í also added a link to your giveaway to my sidebar.

My e-mail is kuldkollane-at-gmail-dot-com

Thifa said...
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Heli'♥beauties said...

hi, thanks for setting up a lovely giveaway
I'm your follower

NAme: Heli'♥beauties



I really like the purple shade of MAc and the pink lipstick is also really pretty. iw ould be delightful if i get to win this.
So i hope i'll be the winner.
I've added you to my right side bar.

have a nice day

a!k0 said...

Awesome giveaway and you're so generous!! :) Include me in your giveaway please :)

Am a follower and I sent a request on Twitter :) I tweeted :D

Eyeshadows I'd go with Lime cause I love green with my brown eyes and espresso. As for lipstick, Snob.

Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Anonymous said...


I follow your blog and your Twitter account should get a request every second since I sent it 10 minutes or so ago.
Here is the post:
The tweet is here:!/anthrofashion/status/27156690585

If I´d win I´d choose:
Shimmermoss and Plum Dressing for eyes which has the perfect glam-factor

My lips would be graced by Cunning

Dark berry (Frost) to finnish a heavy-look on my pale skin

If I were to win please go here:

Sharon said...

Please include me in ur Giveaway!

I follow ur blog as Sharon.
I love the mac lipstick in "romancin" and eyeshadows in "humid" and "all that glitters"

I've placed the giveaway in my sidebar and linked it to ur site

Thnx 4 doin this <3<3

Siria said...


Im a follower.

I would choose the shade of eyes brown and purple =) and lipstick ^.^

I will publish your giveaway in my blog:

My email:

thankyou for the opportunity!


Rentu said...

hey great giveaway, dont know whether i have a chance to win....
m from asia, good job, i love your site...and am following you


Lipstick: creme d'nude
Eyshadows: i choose the Brule and Orb, all that glitters

May the giveaway be a success

Noniek said...

I'm a follower on your blog.

I would choose :
Eyeshadow : espresso and amber lights, because i like neutrals color.
Lipstick : speed dial because i like pink color.

I've put the giveaway in my sidebar as a clickable link:

My email is:

Beatriz said...

Nice giveaway! I am a follower - duckduckgander. I would pick .. some new MAC neutral colors because I am trying to expand my collection so maybe amber lights and patina?? lipstick.. cindy!

Sadi said...


I m new follower via GFC as Sadi

I would like to have any MAC lipstick and Eyeshadow :)

Following via twitter @Sad20ful

Thanks :)

Gabriela said...

I`d choose Vegas volt lipstick and Scene and Club eyeshadows.

I tweeted:!/ConBdeBelleza/status/27370177759

I posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog:


Lucisek said...

Hello, I'm follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash
I would choose
Lipstick: Most Popular
Eyeshadows: Shroom, Club


lucisek dot beluha at


Fathima Abdul Kader said...

Please enter me in your giveaway
i blogged here--

I follow via GFC.....
I would pick Hug me lipstick coz i saw it on a blogosphere friend of mine,who had skintone similar to mine..and it looked beyond gorgeous on her! in case of eyeshadows,i would pick goldmine and espresso..goldmine-coz i am a desi gal who luuurrrrves gold and espresso coz there is a lack of a proper matte brown in my collection and this seems to be perfect..everyone says so...

Because everything has a secret... said...

Hi! I want to enter :)

Follower name:
Because everything has a secret...

I would love to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch! As lipsticks I would like to try Myth!

I choose this ones because I always want to buy them and I also think that they are stunning!

Elle said...

Hello! I really want to enter :)

Follower name: Elle

I would love to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch and as lipsticks I would like to try Myth.

I just love that colors and that's why I would love to have them! :D


Sunny said...

Hi ;D Thank you so much for this opportunity to win such amasing prices!!!

My follower name is Sunny and this is my email:

As lipsticks I would like to try Myth and I would like to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch! I think that the colors are really gorgeous and the quality of them are amasing! (:


Alice said...

Hi! I want to enter ;)

Follower name: Alice

I would love to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch! As lipsticks I would like to try Myth! The eyeshadows, I think that they are a must have for me that I'm new at makeup and the lipstick it's a really beautiful color that you would look great on me.


Carolina said...

Hi! I want to enter :)

I would love to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch! As lipsticks I would like to try Myth! That's because I don't have any of that colors, so that I would love to have them.

My follower name is Carolina and this is my email:


Carolina said...


I really want to enter :)

My follower name is Carolina and my email is:

As lipsticks I would like to try Myth! I would love to win MAC eyeshadows in: Typographic and Sketch!

I would love to win :)

Jess said...

I really cannot choose which products I would like, but if I was lucky enough to win I will let you know :)


jade' said...

Hiya, please enter me!
I would choose the eye shadows; Woodwinked and Satin Taupe because they are beautiful on blue eyes. I would also choose Viva la cyndi lipstick because it is out of stock EVERYWHERE here!!

Inma said...


I follow you in twitter as well :)

The eye shadows I´d love to get are Shrom and Embark or Steamy and I would love to get Viva Glam in Lady Gaga, I´ve been trying for months to get my hands on it, Creme de nude,Angel or Russian Red.

Thanks a lot. :)

Kelly said...

Such a lovely giveaway!

I would love the 'Syrup' lipstick and the 'Shale' and 'Plumage' eyeshadows because they're such lovely shades that I think would suit my skin tone well :)

Thank you so much for this!

Siria said...

I'm a follower

I would pick Of Royalty lipstick because i love so much...!!

for eyeshadow are Aquadisiac and Vex

my nick: SIRIA
my email:

ive put the giveaway in my blog:

thanks for the opportunitiy^^


Blodwen said...

Hi! I'm following under the name Serafina!

I have never been able to afford any mac products, so I would literally love anything!

cathydavies8 at hotmail dot com

thanks :)

KIM said...

What a fantastic giveaway.. thank you.

I would pick Brule & Copperplate eyeshadows... and Blankety lipstick.

I absolute love these shades... and plus I have almost run out as they are my go to's.. so I really hope I win!!!

K. x

Mirianrocu said...

¡¡Wowww!! Great giveaway, it's fantastic.

I'd pick Red Russian because I love red lips. For eyeshadows I'd pick Aquadisiac and Humid, I have brown eyes and green tones suit me.



Rachel Phipps said...

I'm a follower of your blog hun, and I'd pick Satin lipstick in Film Noir, as I love dark deep reds but I always have to spend my money on the 'Brave' shade as an invisible everyday colour.I'd have Black Tied eyeshadow as I don't actually have a black shadow, and beauty marked as it's a sultry and smokey purple!

My email is missrachelphipps[@]gmail[.]com

Rachel x

raisa said...

hope all is well!
i'm following via GFC as raisa
email :

i would pick the eyeshadow in aqua and nylon!
as for lipstick, speak louder!

Sachie said...

Enter me ^^
Follower name; Sachie
link on blog under tab 'giveaway';

I would pick Black Tied as eyeshadow because I use black eyeshadow as eyeliner everyday, and MAC's blacks a re just so pretty! And as the other eyeshadow i would choose Deep truth, simply because it's a stunning & intense colour. As for the lipstick, I would choose Deep plum, because it is a beautiful colour and goes well with the Black Tied & Deep truth eyeshadows ! :)

patri said...

I'm PAtricia and the lipstick that I like is cream de nude because I love nude for the lips because it's vera natural.
eyeshadows: satin taupe and because I love browns and club because it is a mix of different colours.

mi email is

Charlotte said...

Such a great giveaway chick!
Eyeshadow of choice would be:
Patina and Twinks
Lipstick would be creme d nude!
Email is:
I have tweeted about it and put a picture in the sidebar of my blog!

Carrie said...

my tweet:!/Chiisexy/status/28820812055

Meryy said...

I love this giveaway.
The tones that I like if I touched it, would be: lips: Viva Glam Lady Gaga.
Eyeshadows: star violet and Satin taupe.

My blog is
I publish it.
My email is

Taronger said...

I'm a follower.
The eyeshadows I would choose are Hush & Brown Down

Link on my blog

flordtaronger at gmail dot com

Emily said...

Enter me please! If I win I'd pick Creme de nude lipstick, and mulch and club.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add my tweet:

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