Friday, 19 November 2010

Alva Natural Skincare - Fluid Foundation♥

Hey cupcakes! This review is long over due, but it's worth the wait. Before I get into the review itself I want to start on a high point about the brand, and their colour products:

Alva Coleur make-up for skin: pure & organic, naturally.
- uses only natural colouring & no carmine
- vegan friendly
- Europe's first Ecocert certified organic make-up range
- includes a patented active ingredient that supports the skin's immune response as well as giving an anti-ageing effect
- completely talc free
- powders and rouges are baked and not pressed. This guarantees a silky consistency and naturally de-humidifies the powder without the addition of potentially harmful binding agents
- PETA approved

When I did a little research into the brand I was really impressed with the overall goodness they sprinkle over their products and the brand in general. There is nothing better than knowing the products I'm using are happy ones, with good values behind them! I think the more brands that can be like Alva the better.

Foundation is probably the one product I have more of than any other in my collection, I am very picky and it takes a lot for one to impress me enough to use it or even repurchase it.

The Alva Fluid foundation had ticks in all the right boxes: Provides a matte finish, Evens out skin, Helps with redness, Creating a soft and smooth texture to the skin and packed with goodies like Vitamin, Red grapevine and evening primrose oil. It is a gem, this was a stand out for me and I was shocked. 

For me products either have high expectations or no expectations, this one had none I didn't expect it to be any good and I didn't expect to like it. I really do need to learn not to judge so quickly. I'm not sure why I had the preconceptions, it sounded amazing but maybe deep down all the good qualities that Alva can proudly show off about maybe made me think it wouldn't be as good as say a YSL foundation which lets be fair doesn't have the happy ethical ticks to it. I think I though because it sounded so good, that it was going to be too good?

So I slapped it on, a little more product than I would usually use but that's fine as it sinks in beautifully to the skin and gives it the added bonus of hydrating my face at the same time. I think however if you lean towards the more oily of skin types you may want to stay clear. My skin is normal/combination, I get dryer in winter and a little oilier in summer so this worked out really well for me.

So how was the coverage I hear you ask? Well pretty darn impressive too, definitely a medium but lets your own skin still shine through so it looks really natural. I have a lot of acne scars and this evened the tone out so they faded away, which is something I normally only get with a medium/full coverage. I think because it still leaves an element of your own skin coming through it gives you that flawless finish, which makes it look natural not too done up or like you just raided a cosmetics counter. It also didn't go patchy as the day went on, I think because it is a little more hydrating than other foundations your skin underneath it healthier making the foundation look better.

As for how it lasted, this bit let it down a little I think this is more of a weekend/fun type, for a work day it wouldn't cut it (8am-5pm is a long day though so bare that in mind) as I don't like to have to touch up and tbh I don't get the chance. However if you don't mind preening your lovely self towards the afternoon then you'll be fine. I reckon this would be a really nice bridal foundation for someone looking for a very natural but still flawless look, as it photographs like a star too no flash back or horrible white face with this.

You get the standard 30ml for £18.40 putting it in the high end section but considering I pay that and more for some of my other favourite foundation I think it is a good price.

I think you need to give this a go, hopefully you'll be as surprised as I was!

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