Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday Session♥

♥ The picture sums up my week, after being rushed to hospital last week and told I have pleurisy & pneumonia? I have been resigned to my bed and done nothing. Except blog of course.

♥ Being back into make-up, after over a month of simple make-up just some foundation powder blush and mascara, I'm loving my eye shadow and colour again. Bold lips all the way.

♥  TV. I have been re-watching a lot of my favourite TV series from the start, and it's made me love them even more. Nothing better than watching TV in bed with a nice cup of tea.

♥ Winter clothing, leggings jumper thick socks and ugg boots. Got to keep wrapped up in the cold days, I think I prefer winter to summer I like to layer up. It also means I get to use my fur ear muffs which are uber cute.

Until next time!

1 comment:

DebDobDoorNob said...

Awwh hope you are feeling better hun, sounds awful.
Nothing I love better than lying snuggled up watching my favourite progs back to back! :)

take care x x