Sunday, 21 November 2010

Does my balm look big in this?♥

Firstly, props to Eyeko for giving this a glorious name it makes me smile every time I put this on. I am for every telling people it when I get the chance. I have the pretty shade Minty, a gorgeous pale pink with subtle shimmer. It does faintly smell of mint but not to overpowering and it soon fades.

This is a new launch for Eyeko a two in one product you can use on the lips and on the cheeks. However, I favour this for the lips over the cheeks as this shade doesn't really provide much colour as a blush. But it looks lovely as glossy glowing highlighter or all over the eye.

On the lips its is a baby pink with a shot of gloss in there too, it is on the sheer side so you need to get the skill of layering this up for the desired intensity. I have been applying this on the go when I need a little bit of colour on my lips, and for touch up's as the day goes on. It looks great over nudes like MAC Myth, MAC Equality and BarryM 101, it lifts them so they aren't drying or too flat on the lips.

The only downside is the actual packaging, the box is creative and fun but the grey tube is lacking compared to other Eyeko products, I would love them to jazz it up a little.

The range has 6 different shades, Frosting is the other colour I think would be a good one to try. But I'd start with this one.

RRP £6.00
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birminghamlady said...

i intend to get the Toffee one tomorrowww. I heard so many good stuff about fat balms

Ria said...

It will be in my next Eyeko order!
Thanks for the review!

Carrie said...

love Eyeko!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I got the one in Frosting and the smell is a little too strong for me. I am glad to know the smell soon fades.