Wednesday, 10 November 2010

HOTD Carmen Hair - Multi Styler ♥

Loveeee this! No words to describe how much I am in love with the waver from the multistyler, I have been looking for a styling tool like this for ages now. One that would recreate some Britney esque waves... mine are a lot tighter but I think that's because I used a lot smaller sections of hair than her stylist. So next time note to self to take bigger chunks!

Carmen hair has made it really easy to switch up your style, giving you 3 different ways to create waves/curls! the waver is what I used, however the traditional tong attachment is great too. Brilliant for creating some bounce and volume to my otherwise thin and limp hair. My hair isn't frizzing after styling, some curling tongs make my hair dry and even frizzy but this leaves my still feeling soft. This is down to the ionic output which helps to seal moisture and reduce flyaway's, helping you to keep a smooth hair style whilst also keeping your hair hydrated.

It heats up to 200 degrees!

If you want a tutorial leave a comment below!



Charlotte said...

wow your hair looks amazing! very pretty x

Marilou said...

So cuuute it looks like u also had a grammy with the curling irong! haha

Bicky said...

Ooh I love it. Defo want them a bit looser but I am so getting one of those. :D