Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Session♥

♥ Love Heart sweeties - I ♥ these a lot, I think I'm on my second tube now if they are yummy and always make you smile with the cute messages on them. Plus you can always give one to a special someone... 
♥ Amber - Basically family now, we call each others mum's mum, love her to pieces and she can cheer me up in 10 seconds she's that good.
♥ Sleeping - Blogging has been slow this past month and I am sorry *slaps wrist* but you all have been fab since I've been ill. Anyhoo I have been sleeping A LOT this last week and I think it's done some good as I feel a little better. Hopefully crank out a couple of blog posts this week, maybe even a video :O
♥ Bling - I do love anything sparkly, so let me introduce you to my new BB case  (from ebay £4)
♥ This week has been slow hence not much to share in this week's sunday session! But it's looking up with the Liz Earle Leeds event coming up, and the Aussie Leeds event at which I will be hosting a Make-up stall for anyone that wants to try a new look, learn some tips or just needs a touch up through out the day. I can't wait and hoping some of you who are attending the Aussie event will stop buy and say hi I'd love to meet some new faces.


Charlotte said...

I had that BB case until I dropped it and it smashed! Yey excited to see you at liz earle, me sinead (daintydollymix) are meeting a bit early to go lipstick shopping, then meeting elle ( Missy_elli_uk) and nicoletta from (nicolettas blog) before we go to the event so would be fab if you would like to join us x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Looking forward to meeting you at aussie (although I actually think i have met u before lol). I used to have that case in blue, got a similair one now but with a 'barbie' sign in the middle lol :)

Carla (@Carlito86)


Madiha said...

wow BB case is so BEAUTIFUL!!

Julia said...

I have the same case,only in purple :) It looked like s**t when i got it, had to re-glue alot of the stones and use clear nailpolish on top to keep them on. But it is indeed very blingy and cheap and pretty :)

Beauty♕Ambition★ said...

i love your phone case =)