Saturday, 20 November 2010

Help:Clear Skin ♥

If you remember I was trialling this product out in the hope it would help my skin. Before I go any further I want you to know I was sent one pack, but I bought the other 6 weeks worth, so this is a true review of my opinions. My previous post

So, I think its best to start out with what I hoped to achieve from using the product? I wanted my reoccurring blemishes to reduce, and hopefully my scarring to even out as well as prevent any further damage being done. 

"Praventin works in two ways. Firstly, it inhibits the growth of the propionibacterium, which is present on most people's skin and responsible for acne, thereby lessening the number of new spots forming. Secondly its anti inflammatory properties mean that the size of spots is reduced and blemishes heal quicker resulting in a smoother complexion."

Which worked out great as this is what it is aimed to do. I have been taking this every day along side my medication so it came into my routine easily. But has it worked? Yes.

I have noticed a couple of major changes in my skin, firstly my skin overall has become A LOT clearer and smoother. The appearance of my scarring and spots is less, 'bumpy' and the new blemish aren't leaving horrid dark scars after the disappear. The other big change is the spots themselves they seem to be reduce to two small clusters rather than a third of my face. I have tried doctors prescriptions for acne medicines before but they tend to leave me with dry irritated skin, which in turns leaves me with disgusting marks from the spots. 

This feels healthier for my skin, and for a change like it is doing something. Finally over the last two weeks I have braved going out with no base make-up on and feeling just as confident as I would with a face covered in full coverage.

I will continue to use this and shall update you in the new year. You never know I may even grace you with some up close pictures!

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snow0016 said...

Wow, that's good news! Thanks for sharing this!

P.S. Just a suggestion, you might want to have a link back to your previous post about this product. :)