Friday, 12 November 2010

My Blonde Halo♥

This was a first for me, and although I love hair extensions I am a true addict, I have never tried synthetic extensions before. How did they live up?

Halo 22" Full Head Wavy Clip-in Synthetic Hair in Blonde, are exactly the same to install as my clip in. They are extremely light weight, I had preconceptions that they would be heavy and pull on my own hair. They don't feel or look 'fake' either, they easily passed for 'real' hair. Another aspect that surprised me, again I had the preconception they were going to be overly shiny therefore making it so obvious to tell I had them in.

sorry for the cropped picture!

They blended really well, being very blonde makes it difficult to get a good make, just a tiny shade lighter or darker makes them stand out. So I was very pleased with the match.

Since they are wavy means I had to adapt my styling a little, to get my hair somewhat similar I would get out the shower apply some serum and mousse then let my hair do it's own thing. As normal I had to iron out a few kinks and style my fringe but that's nothing new for me. Very important to remember you cannot use heat on the extensions.

If you have ever wondered about synthetic extensions but never clicked 'buy' then I say give it ago, they surpassed my expectations greatly and they are fab to give a new look if you want to switch things up.

For £19.99 they are a great bargin!
Skip over and have a browse for yourself! 


ps. I was kindly sent these to try, no one has forced me to write this - I just think they are fab

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