Sunday, 23 May 2010

♥errr... all ive done this weekend it get stuff!

So this is todays goodies.. *warning* this week has a lot of new products to show you guys!

♥Illamasqa Loose powder
♥Illamasque Cream Foundation 145
♥Illamasqua Powder Foundation - 205

Swatches below:
Left to Right - Cream foundation & Powder foundation

The piccie isnt great, but i got the cream foundation in 145 because its very cool toned and i find applying a cool colour under my eyes lifts them and makes them brighter.
It feels really nice on, creamy and smooth, ive been using a MAC 187 brush to blend this onto my skin.
It lasted a fair amount of time on my skin, however i think i will have to set it with powder in the future as it did start to become patchy as the day went on which i didnt like, luckily i had my massive sunnies to hide my face =D

The powder foundation ive only really used to set my T-zone so i cant really comment to much on this. However it kept my oily skin at bay, and it although it did fade towards the end of the day, it did so evenly not patchy like the cream foundation. 
I will be testing this on its own tomorrow at work, so we shall see what the colour and coverage is like all over my face.

The loose powder - i havent tried yet.

Next up.... The Body Shop

They still had their BOGOF offer on certain items, so i picked up a body butter & matching scrub

I went for the Moringa Body Butter & Scrub, now im utterly crap at describing scents, so all i am going to say is that this is a light fresh floral scent. 
Not to over powering, the body butter absorbs quickly into my skin and it is not greasy at all.  

♥Now i had always wondering why different scrubs had different textures, so i asked the lovely lady helping me out, and she explained it was to do with the different skin types. For example this one is for normal/dry skin.. where as mango is for very dry skin.
Ill be honest i had never even realised this, but it makes sense, and its nice to  know they cater for different body skin types too.

Both are nice and creamy, i really like this scrub as it isnt harsh at all, and it also moisturises.

Body butter then body scrub:

Whats your fave The Body Shop Body Butter/Scrub?


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MacJunkie09 said...

I really want to try the illamasqua cream foundation! x