Monday, 10 May 2010

Sleek event

I kindly was invited to the Sleek Event held at All Stars bowling lane in London, now im sure you have all read tons about this event so ill try not to bore you too much! Hang in there lovelies!

My main reason for attending the event was to get to know the brand better, i dont have a sleek counter near me so the nearest i got was checking out the products on blogs, but how could i ever be sure of the colour matches? Anyways, its safe to say i know my colours, and ive had a try with alot of their products. A few stood out for me, and thats what i wanna mainly talk about. Sorry about the pictures i had to use my G1 :(

A lovely table filled with products to swatch and try on,

This bronzer i loveeee, infact i love all the colour for this, it is very shimmery but you can use this colour for highlighting, or eyeshadow, and they have a gorgeous deep bronzed colour perfect for giving your skin a bronze glow,

I was impressed by the colour pay off too, even the pale colours come out nicely,

Next up is nail polish, im only showing you two colors cause myself, and all the other girlies loved these colours the best, a bright summery blue and candy lilac (silly me i forgot the names!)

I have two lovely hand models for you..
First up Jodie Harris, she does PR for sleek :)

And lastly.. the wonderful Yinka
or some of you may know her as VexInTheCity

Again amazing pay off here, both just one coat and you get a shiney non streaky finish :)

This is the Glisten me, Liquid Illuminator Jodie pointed this one out too me, it comes in two colours i do believe this is the lighter one. I did some swatching, its a buildable colour you can have it quite full on or sheer and glowy, 

Above, two coats, and below one, so you can make it work for your skin tone

We were greeted with some cocktails, and a introduction into the brand, telling us about sleek. Then we were split into three groups, and bundled off to different areas.

First up was the foundation fitting/product demo. Both ladies were so friendly and you could see they loved the products. Personally i wasnt too sure on the colour of foundation i was matched for, deffo a shade too light but i did like the finish so i need to get a better shade i think.

Then the lab area where we were shown how to mix our own lipstick, lipgloss, and eyedust, not as hard as you may think. However its somethingi dont think ill try at home for fear ill blow something up, somehow.

After we went round all the areas, it was time for the bowl off! We all got really excited as a trip to NYC was up for grabs for the winner. I obviously got a pathetic score, i am very very bad at a bowling! But the lovely Sophie won, well done girlie. It was such a laugh to all be bowling again, some girls hadnt done it in a while.

This is just to make you dribble a little, some the mini foods we all stuffed into our faces. Yummy...

I had a fantastic day, i really enjoyed trying the products and getting to know sleek more. It was also great to meet the other girlies, some new some i had already met :) We all did some gossiping.

The event was well planned, one of the best i have been to in terms of brand information, product testing and general fun.

At the end we were given a goodie bag of products to try at home, but that will come later on :)

So tell me, since im a sleek newbie, what do you love from the brand?


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Rosie said...

Sounds brilliant, I like the look of the illuminator, it's something I want to try but I've always been a bit scared of them because my face is so round, but if it's a cheapy lovely sleek one how can I say no?