Monday, 10 May 2010


Ive done alot of these lately, ive become a little bit obsessed with changing my nails/colours. On a trip to superdrug i had spotted these, about £4 so really cheap, but what attracted me to them was the black with a white tip, i love it!

Downsides, and theres a couple of them, it was hard trying to find the right size to fit my nail i have small nail beds, they arent very strong they bend as you put them on, and ive had these on one day and i have 2 chips already!! But what do i expect for £4?!

Would i re-buy? No. But im sure something else will take my fancy next i love my nail products :)


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Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Oh I love those nails! Will need to look out for them, they look fab :) xo