Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New discoveries - Lip combo ♥

New lippie combo my cherubs..

Im reallly reallly into peachy/coral lips atm, and i think YSL Rouge Volpte *26 is the perfect mix of both peach and coral. Today i was just playing about with the little makeup i have brought to my grans. If you have read my recent posts you will know i bought a baby pink star gazer lipstick, but i was left disappointed when it was not very pigmented, however it does act really well for toning down lipsticks, and this is how i used. 

First i applied the YSL *26 and then put the stargazer lipstick over the top...

et voila yo get a more nude-peach

For me YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks are one of my fave lipstick formula's and colour, yes they are expensive and you have to reapply a little more than other brands, but the colours are to die for, and they are so moisturising. They have such a wide colour range.. baby pink to bright pink to deep red to coral...

Rouge Volupte's lasts about an hour before i have to reapply.

What is your fave light peachy/coral lipstick or gloss?! I wanna get some other shades..



Anonymous said...

I've tagged you for a blog award! x

Erin said...

ooo a nice peach combo i'm loving is BarryM 147 (Peachy pink) with Myth by Mac, it tones down the 147 to an almost pastel peach.

This is a nice combo though.. i might just have to try it :P