Monday, 31 May 2010

Lipstick Loves♥

from left to right
BarryM 101/YSL Rouge Volupte 26/Estee Lauder Pink Sand/YSL Rouge Volupte 7

♥BarryM 101♥
This is a matte finish lipstick, which can be drying sometimes, but it is one of my fave ultra nude lippies out there! Its also great for toning down brighter or darker shades of lipstick. Its only about £4 aswell so cheappy too!

♥YSL Rouge Volupte 26♥
I love the YSL Rouge volupte formula, so creamy and yummy scented, plus the colours are to die for! I currently have 6 of them and i have 2 more im umm'ing about getting! They dont last very long on my lips, but they are so smooth to apply i dont mind re-applying. The only bad thing is the £21 price tag.

♥Estee Lauder Pink Sand♥
This lipstick was one that sat in my makeup collection for sometime until someone tweeted about their love for it a while back and since then this beaut has stayed glued to my handbag, i love this over BarryM 101

♥YSL Rouge Volupte 7♥
Everything i said above still stands! I love this one, perhaps the most out of the colours i own, the prettiest barbie baby pink around i think!

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