Monday, 10 May 2010

Sleek Haul

After the event, and once out of hospital for the um-teenth time, i dragged my butt down to my nearest sleek counter, it was a long journey! And i got my grubby little hands on some products i had swatched and loved from the event.

Pout polish - 947 Pink Cadillac
Luminous Pressed Powder SPF 15 - 02
Blush - Flamingo
Blush - Pixie Pink
( piccies of me wearing them below )

Above: Flamingo Blush
Below: Pixie Pink Blush

I love the blushes so far, so pigmented! And a bargin at something crazy like £4! Havent tried the powder yet, but im continuously applying the tinted lip conditioner i love the texture and pinky flush colour.

Anything else i need to try from sleek? The glittery liners looked tempting...


1 comment:

Marilou said...

Hi makeuploveer :)
Love your blog, it's like my english make up bible!
I saw you used Xen tan and I have to say I heard a lot about it and your tan is looking hot!
I'm a beginner and I need a glowy and natural sexy tan (I have a gala to assist in one month) but
they have SOOO many products. I have a really fair skin so which product should I start with?
Any advice? Im kinda lost.
And do you know if they delivered internationally?
I live in belgium.. I hope I can get them
thank you so much for ur time