Friday, 4 March 2011

Can you make them a little bigger? ♥

So you may have read about a week ago or so now I was testing these Soap and Glory lip products out, recently I have been on a quest to find a product to help give me a full juicy pout. Soap and Glory can be purchased quite easily here in the UK so I thought it would be good to give these a whirl..

I want to talk about the Sexy Extreme Plump first, it is supposed to give you an immediate super sized effect to your lips. It certainly produces quick and noticeable results as soon as you apply the product you can feel it tingling away as it gets to work. It is a strong sensation, one of the tingly (is that a word) I've tried, I can see some people not liking it but I love it as I think it is working more? 

It has a white-ish colour to begin with but once you work it into your lips it becomes totally clear. The scent is like every other lip plumping product out there - very minty. 

I have quite a full bottom lip but to me I always feel my top lip is a little more deflated. Many people have said different, but I think we all pick away at little things about ourselves. So did this help? I think it did, my top lip appeared to be more filled out and plump like my bottom lip is usually. It definitely has given me the result I wanted, and I have become quite addicted to applying this both for the plumping action but also because I love the feel as it works its magic.

Would I repurchase? Yes - it is a certainty! 

Next is the Mighty Mouth lip plumper, this isn't lip plumper it is designed to help give your lips a boost of collagen and help to diminish the appearance of fine lines around the lips. I don't have any fine lines around my lips so I can't say how it works on that however along with the lip plumper my lips have been looking rather amazing. I think it is a good gentle plumper, not one that your lips will feeling particularly tingly with but over prolonged use you will see your lips becoming a little fuller and a lot softer.

Would I repurchase? Maybe - I prefer the lip plumper to this however.

Top to bottom;
Mighty Mouth/Sexy Extreme Plump

Mighty Mouth - a subtle pink tint

Sexy Extreme Plump - no colour just a little shine

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