Friday, 25 March 2011

Dear Mascara... ♥

... I simply love you both very much. Together you give me the prettiest and longest lashes I've only dreamed of, and with time our relationship will only get better I'm sure. 

I have been using both the Collection 2000 Big fake lashes and the Dior Show Iconic mascara's since January, other than when I've trialled other ones that is. These two are the ones I always go back to, no matter how fantastic others are, I carry these with me mostly and can rely on them to give me amazing lashes. Now both of these are fabulous in their own right, I'm just too greedy when it comes to my mascara so I used both, more habit to use two I think? For two products at total opposites of the price scale I find it rather amazing they give basically the same results.

Big fake lashes gives slightly more of a thickening result, where as the Dior Iconic gives your lashes more separation and length. But I'm being nit picky here. 

I don't find myself touching up mascara, or any smudging or flaking from either when I'm wearing them, and they remove easily for me with my trusty Liz Earle cleanse & polish. Like I said they give amazing results, and may even be my HG's when it comes to mascara! Dark, thick and long lashes, but I pile the mascara on as I like my lashes a little spider like :)

Will I be repurchasing you ask? Well I already have, I am on my second tube of both of them and will be buying more I'm in no doubt.

Look deep into my eyes ♥

Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes Mascara RRP around £5.99
Dior Show Iconic Mascara RRP around £22.00


Jade said...

I love mascaras with BIG brushes like Benefit's Bad Gal, I find they don't produce clumpiness.
Jade By The Sea

JordanMayTwigs said...

I <3 MAC's PlushBlack,
And MAC's Dazzle Lash together.


G A B Y said...

I have Diorwhow somewhere in my stash but yet have to use it. It looks amazing on you!