Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What a steal! ♥

I couldn't believe it when I saw these in Home Bargains today, all the girls aloud lashes for only 99p each! Such a good deal, naturally I picked a few up, at that price I couldn't leave them there :) If you have a Home Bargains near you I suggest you check it out and see what goodies you can pick up for a fraction of the normal retail price.


Aru said...

these are so pretty!! *-*

Kerry! said...

99p! ridiculous!! defo gonna check out home bargains tmo :) x

Harrriiiet said...

Don't think you could get them any cheaper if you tried.
99p is fab,
I'd buy more lashes if that was the price.

Bows and Butterflies said...

My home bargains they were 90p i picked up kimberley and sarah. Was just gonna do a post about them but you beat me to it lol x

Elle xox said...


Where did you get these? I want them so badly.... I may be being blonde but is homebargains a shop lol? I dont think I have one close by :(