Sunday, 6 March 2011

Ipulse ♥

Hello lovely readers! I am sure you have all read plenty about this amazing little gadget the Boots Ipulse system, it is an at home removal treatment using light to penetrate the hair follicle. With persistant use the Boots Smooth Skin provides long-lasting permanent hair reduction. 

"In trials, we found it takes approximately 10 minutes to treat underarm hair or the bikini line and an hour for the legs. Boots Smooth Skin is convenient and can be used from the comfort of your own home. Using the system for a typical 6 to 12 treatments will give the best results and help to achieve permanent hair reduction." 

It might sound a little daunting at first, I was very scared before trying this out for the first time. I was so sure it was going to be painful! So naturally I made someone else try it first, I was too chicken :)

"Using the power of light to remove hair was originally discovered by accident. In 1979 the University of Wales' laser physicist, Professor Marc Clement, inadvertently exposed his forearm to a laser beam and discovered that his hair no longer grew in the exposed area. Professor Clement went on to develop the world's first hair removal lasers based on his discovery and became an established manufacturer of medical lasers. Recently, Professor Clement has joined forces with several world leaders in light sciences to create their company CyDen which developed iPulse technology."

So after coming off a certain medication January that was making my skin react to anything and everything I have FINALLY been able to give this a proper go. I started it last year but had to quickly stop as my skin was not playing ball. I was devastated I had hoped it would be ok to use, so I'm excited to have started again. I am currently on week 4, and I haven't seen any major changes atm. 

I am trying this on my armpits first, so I wont scare you with any horrid pictures. But I will be doing my weekly update every Sunday, just letting you know how it is going and what I am thinking as each week go by. Then hopefully when I see some good results I will show you a couple of before and after pictures, if you can bare those? Not exactly the prettiest pictures to blog!

Until sunday...

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