Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sorry did you say that was only £1 ♥

The MUA or Make Up Academy range has come up trumps with a lot of people and I am no exception, though how can you go wrong for only £1 a product?! I can be a little bit of a makeup snob, not a terrible one but if I see a product for £1 then I would have been inclined to ignore it and pass it up as one that wasn't going to be any good. But the MUA range is range fab, I can a lot of their lipstick colours in my freelance kit as they are a gem of the range, and slowly but surely I'm picking up other products. 

I bought these whilst in London about a week ago when I suddenly found myself with no face powder or blusher (terrible for a makeup junkie I know!) and I know I didn't want to spend a ton on replacing my lost products so having been so impressed with those other products I grabbed the MUA face powder and their blusher.

Wow. The face powder is great, really controls my shiny areas really well for £1 just as good as products that cost over £20! It also makes my skin look like I'm wearing nothing, it doesnt cake in the slightest on me which I like as sometimes you can tell if someone is wearing powder/foundation and I dislike that. Their colour range was pretty good, although they didn't have any colours that would be good for darker skin tones, but I would love to see them maybe stretch the colours a bit.

The blusher is just a good, it isn't the most long wearing blusher I've ever tried but it gives a lovely fresh glow to the cheeks. It is so dinky in the packaging too that it's easy to slip into your handbag and take with you for top ups. 

Both are a little 'powdery' but common your paying £1, let's not complain here people. I think the products are more than worth the price tag. 


You can buy these from Superdrug the whole range is £1


Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

i really like the powder too, definitely doesn't look heavy or cakey on me either. haven't tried the blusher yet but need to!

Essie said...

Okay, now that Ive read this I will definitely try MUA.
Everytime I want to buy it I think it will be terrible, but I''m glad to know the quality!