Saturday, 12 March 2011

Skin care loves ♥

I haven't sat down and written about products that I have been using as part of my routine, I post reviews about products I've tried but it's been a while since I've told you want is actually part of my daily routine. So in this post I'm going to show you 3 products and then next week I will post about another post about 3 other products.

So this post will be about my current cleanser, toner and face mask of choice, with a mini review on each and that way I shouldn't ramble on too much!

♥ Trilogy Cream Cleanser ♥

I really like this cream cleanser because it is really light weight, but is efficient at removing all my make up including my 358179 layers of mascara. It leaves my skin very soft and moisturised, with rosehip and evening primrose oil it leaves your skin nourished. This is my make up remover, I still cleanse my skin again with a facial wash. However you could use this alone if you wear very little or no make up. It has lasted me a surprisingly long time I'm going on 7 weeks of use and I'm not even half way down the bottle. 

♥Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner ♥

I'm quite funny with toners, they either do wonders for my skin or they do nothing for my skin. This isn't the best toner I've ever used but it is the most soothing and calming, especially since I've had quite irritated breakouts recently, I would wear no make up most days and whenever I felt itchy or my face was getting hot a quick spray of this and my skin felt immediately better. If you have dry skin this would be a great toner, I have combo skin and I feel if did more for my pores I'd be head over heels. But it has been my go to toner simply because it nourishes and relieves my skin so well.

♥ Dirty Works Belle of the Ball Face Mask ♥

I like how quick and easy this face mask is, it really is detoxifying and quick at pull out any  nasty stuff from your pores. Be warned do not use this before a big night out, as it really does detox the skin and force it out via some spots. However if you can bare a day of minor breakouts, then you will be rewarded with brighter clearer skin after. The biggest plus for me is the price £4.99 from Sainsbury's, you can beat that price for this gem.

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wow, that's cool, i've never seen a spray toner before!

love your blog! following you on your blog and youtube now :)