Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Witch product is right for me? ♥

Witch has launch a really great new cosmetics line to stand along side their existing skin care products, I was lucky enough to have been sent the new products to try out and see whether I think they are any good or not. So over the next couple of weeks I will be playing around with these and once I had a chance to see how they work I will review them for you. 

What is in the new range?

♥ Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer ♥
Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer is designed to help prepare your skin for foundation by mattifying and absorbing excess oils, providing a smooth, silky base that helps you achieve an even and long lasting finish with any foundation or powder. Added to this, the Witch Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer also helps prevent and target blemishes by protecting skin from the layers of makeup which can cause or aggravate blemishes.
  • Helps prevent and target blemishes
  • Mattifies and absorbs excess oil
  • Can be used alone or under your favourite foundation or powder

♥ Witch Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser ♥
Witch Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser with antibacterial actives targets spots and breakouts while relieving and defending against redness. Its green tint balances redness on the skin to even tone; skin soothing ingredients help calm the skin irritation and sensitivity that can cause redness. Free from artificial fragrance and colour, this gentle formula is ideal for oily/combination skin.
  • Helps target blemishes
  • Balances redness
  • Soothes the skin

♥ Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser ♥
Witch Anti-blemish Tinted Moisturiser is available in three shades, light, medium and dark. Formulated for oily/combination skin it mattifies skin, helping to control shine and target spots and breakouts. Providing medium coverage and moisturisation, it eliminates the need for both a moisturiser and foundation.
  • Helps prevent and target blemishes
  • Mattifies and controls shine
  • Medium coverage for natural looking complexion

♥ Witch Anti-blemish Pressed Powder ♥
Witch Anti-blemish Pressed Powder helps target spots and breakouts by absorbing excess oils and controlling shine. It is designed to give a natural medium coverage of imperfections and to visibly refine pores, giving an even skin tone. Antibacterial actives help clarify the skin.
  • Translucent shade gives medium coverage suitable for most skin tones
  • Helps prevent and conceal blemishes
  • Absorbs excess oils and controls shine

Have you tried any of the new products? What did you think? Or will you be checking them out?


Ms Bubu said...

I think i would like to try the Anti-redness tinted moisurizer one! Does it contain any SPF protection? Would be fab!

Rentu said...

i would love to lay my hands on anti blemish tinted moisturiser..but i dont think its available in India

Anonymous said...

Hmm, not really a fan of Witch, but the products look beautiful :) x