Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Soap & Glory Wonderfill ♥

One of the things that annoy me the most is when my foundation or powder somehow seeks out tiny lines on my face and makes them more noticeable. I have tried so many primers and products that claim to stop this from happening, so when I saw this I hoped it would help to fill out those pesky lines along with my pores and make my make-up look better. 

Soap and Glory Wonderfill is a product aimed at reducing the appearance of lines/wrinkles on your skin. It isn't a long term treatment, it is simply a quick fix.

I use this before my make-up after I have applied my moisturiser, it is similar in texture to the GOSH primer very silky on the skin. It definitely fills in little lines on the skin, and is great for filling in any enlarged pores that you have as well. I have a few pores on my cheek that can be a pain some days, but I simply pat this over them along with any areas my make-up doesn't sit right and my skin looks great.

It has really stopped my foundation sinking into any lines, and manages to conceal my pores too. This is my new HG skin product atm, my skin looks better and my foundation lasts longer too.

If you suffer from fines lines or pores on your skin then I suggest you pick this product up, it is fabulous!!


princesselfy said...

I had this in my hand yesterday in Boots deliberating over whether to buy it...I put it back! Now I MUST go back and purchase it!
Thanks for the review. xx

DaintyMakeup said...

This looks amazing! I love soap and glory products though so I'm sure I will be adding this to my collection soon :) x

Marilou said...

OH MY GOD! I need this product sooo bad, I have some major wrinkles/pores issues and this will helps so bad.
I'm so bummed though because I can't get it on Asos because I live in Belgium. It's on my wishlist for my next UK trip anyways, thanks for the super discovery! xx