Saturday, 5 March 2011

Jelly Pong Pong Review 2 ♥

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand that has really grown on me, I love their gloss sets and I loves these powders too. Venus Magical Pearls and Crystallizer, are two very pigmented products that give great colour and shimmer. I love the packaging as with all Jelly Pong Pong products it is quirky and cute, they look fab when displayed on your dressing table or where you do your make up.

"Surely these Venus Magical Pearls are actually magical? I can’t believe you can swirl your finger over the balls for one eye colour, or crush them to reveal a completely different colour. Genius!"

At first I was unimpressed with the colour, a blue eye shadow? I always fear wearing blue that I will look a little tacky, we all know the images bright blue eye shadow and red lips a big make up NO! So I had a play around and this works great if you incorporate it into a navy or black smokey eye. You crush a couple of the balls of pigment either with your fingers or a brush, then I use a little of the white from Crystallizer and any dark matte black or deep navy coloured eye shadow. It surprised me how pretty it looks, the shadow stay all day and does fade however because the product is so pigmented you don't loose much of the colour.

Would I repurchase? Maybe - But I can't see me running out any time soon as a little goes a long way!

"Rumour has it that Crystallizer was made by fairies and I believe it – who else could have created these micro shimmers in 4 magical bejewelled shades? I can’t wait to dust my hair, face and body with it for all the festive parties I am going to!"

Next up is my favourite out of the two products, Crystallizer is a shimmer packed product. It has 4 lovely shades, however I couldn't get the blue shade out in my swatch picture so you only see the pink, lilac and white sorry guys! I have been using these mainly as eye shadows, or a highlight on my collar bones if I have gone out. Again the pigmentation is fantastic, my only annoyance is the glitter particles do tend to shift a little so if you use the colours on your eye make sure you use a good sticky primer for a base.

Would I repurchase? Maybe - But again a little goes a long way and I certainly won't need a new one any time soon :)

Swatches ♥
Left to right;
Crystallizer/Venus Magical Pearls

Both products retail for £15, and you can buy the online at

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powder paint n pout! said...

These both look lovely. The crystallizer is such pretty colours! I recently discovered Jelly pong pong when my boyfriend got me a gift set for valentines day. I love it! The packaging is so cute and fun and the products are very unique and good quality too the eyelashes they do are brilliant! Harriet xxx