Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New CID ♥

Being the silly muppet that I am I forgot to take a full shot of both the concealer and the mascara, but you get an idea of the packaging. New CID cosmetics is a fairly new brand for me, I've read a few reviews but I don't see the products mentioned a lot in the blogging world (link me if you have talked about them on your blog!) so I wasn't sure what to make of them.

Firstly I have to say I love the packaging it is all super sleek and minimal, but practical for everyday usage. I do like my shiny packaging.. I'm like a magpie!

I-Conceal £19.00

This is very similar to YSL Touche eclat however I would say more wearable, mainly because they have 5 shades to choose from so you can match it a lot better. Sometimes I think brands don't give enough shades, but New CID definitely have here. It covers up my dark circles nicely, and is great if you need to brighten up the eye area if you didn't get a good night sleep! It keep me looking bright and wide awake all day no need to touch up, it held nicely. Just make sure you blend it in well, you don't want any white flashback in cameras. 

I-conceal does a great job, and I will be repurchasing this as I do prefer it to the YSL one by miles.

I-Volumise £18.00

I have this mascara in the shade Plum, a dark purple almost black, when you apply it it does dry a lot darker. To be honest I tend to stick to black as I like my lashes to be dark, but I have been using this pretty much every day as my eyes seem more 'awake' I think this is to do with the purple base, whatever it is it definitely works! 

As a volumising mascara it is great, my lashes really do thicken up. If this could give me great length as well it would be a big winner for me, but since the lash extension drama I've needed a lot of length to my lashes so I've been using this with a lash primer to get that extra length. The brush is rather cool with a mixture of plastic and natural bristles it grabs every lashes, and separates at the same time. I prefer brushes like this with my mascara as they give you more scope to work with your lashes to really define your eyes.


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