Friday, 25 March 2011

He Shi Express Liquid Tan Review ♥

Firstly excuse the fact I'm using the pictures from the website, I didn't have my digital camera handy this morning to snap a couple of pictures when I was applying these beautes. So forgive me? I was applying the He Shi Express Liquid Self Tan this morning and totally forgot I've been using it over for over a month and hadn't blogged about it?! How could I forget I am loving this product!

The He Shi Express Liquid Tan is a great self tanner, that gives you an instant colour when you apply. I prefer tans that do this so you can see your guide colours to make sure you don't end up with any horrible white patches where you missed some, and it also means you get a little bit on bronze so you instantly feel brighter and summery! The colour is fantastic too a lovely medium-deep bronze, no orange tones its a very olive based tan leaving you with a natural colour.  

It is quick drying formula for a liquid, and I've found to be pretty fool proof even when I've been half asleep slapping this on I haven't had any streaks. The fake tan smells is also minimal with this, don't get me wrong sleep in this and you will wake up stinking of fake tan but otherwise its definitely nothing that will bug you.

I've been using this on my face and my face for over a month now, once a week is all I've need and the bottle has lasted well. It's running on it last legs now however, but that is pretty good for a bottle when I tan. Bit of a tan addict.

RRP £21.00

The other He Shi product I wanted to mention quickly is their one day tan. It is your traditional wash off tan, or tinited nrozer. I use this mainly on my legs if I'm wearing something that means my legs will be on show just to give them some more colour and extra tanned. It isn't drying, and I have't found it to transfer onto my clothes which is a big plus. Again this smells rather pleasant not a horrible biscuit scent. 

RRP £14.50

You can buy all He Shi products from their website

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