Wednesday, 8 December 2010

17 Days♥

Christmas is coming everyone! I can't wait to see my family, and have a relaxed day with them all. There will be some sad moments for those who aren't with us this year, but there will still be plenty love and happy memories. I'm looking forward to that feeling I get on Christmas eve, making it impossible for me to go to sleep!

What are you guys doing for Christmas? And what is on your list for Santa?


CutieCocoChanel said...

Gahhh im soooo excited!
I still haven't wrapped all my presents up but when im out shopping you can definately feel the christmassy spirit everywhere!
Have u fnished christmas shopping?
Every year most of the family members gather at my Granny house and ccelebrate it together, its goin to be so fun and crowded!
On my christmas list has to be a new camera :)
With Love Chanel
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*Starsglittermagic* said...

these photos have made me feel so excited for christmas!! i can't wait to get home, decorate and make christmas puddings with the family =) xxx

eva.ward said...

im the same as you-really looking forward to it & the togetherness of being with family. especially after such a rough year on everyone! btw this blogpost is beautiful- so visually pleasing!! making one of the pics my screensaver now :) xxx