Monday, 20 December 2010

My Product Picks of 2010♥

♥Clinique Anti-Blemish Foundation 
I have a long love affair with Clinique foundations since working for the brand, there is one for every skin type or skin problem. So whether my skin is dry, or oily or spotty, which is where this comes into it's best. Since the launch it has been a favourite of a lot of people, and for good reason. It hydrates my dry areas, controls my oily t-zone and treats any spots I have or spots that are tryna break out. With the same care and ingredients that go into Clinique's Anti-Blemish 3 step not only do you get light feeling flawless skin but you also feel like your doing good for your skin too. A firm favourite of this year.

♥Clinique High Lengths Mascara
Another Clinique product, what can I say they have come out trumps this year for me. When I saw the adverts for this I rushed out to buy this, previously my HG mascara was High Definition by the brand (it still is in my top 3) so I had high hopes for this to exceed it. It did. The wand may look a little daunting or that it won't do very well but don't be fooled it is thin enough to get right into the roots of your lashes giving you thick and full lashes, and with the plastic bristles is combs through separating each lash giving you long defined lashes. I can apply coat after coat and it doesn't get clumpy. This wins my mascara of the year.

♥Make-Up Forever HD Blushes
These bad boys are beyond amazing, you need the teeniest tiniest amount of them to get a flush of colour. They last all day on the cheeks, fading ever so slightly and they don't transfer or slide anywhere else. But don't make the mistake I did of getting all giddy and doing a full pump I soon realised that if I were to use all that I would have clown cheeks for me and all my friends. A little goes a long way, making them good value for money. I love all the colours I have.

♥Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream
A few of you may have heard about this recently after the gorgeous Pixiwoo girls mentioned it and raved about it. I've have had this for a while now, and agree with everything those girls say. It gives you amazing skin. Fully moisturises without being too heavy on my t-zone and leaves my skin glowing. This creates a fabulous base for foundation too, I don't need a primer or illuminator with it. For such a cheap moisturiser, RRP £7-8, it left me impressed.

♥Good Things Night Cream & Face Wipes
This was a new brand launch this year that a lot of bloggers fell in love with, both for the great products and the fact the products are paraben free & contain no other nasty chemicals. While I love a few products from the range these two are the ones I have re-purchased over and over. Not only do they make my skin feel amazing, but they smell so yummy too. I love anything with a berry scent.

♥Xen Tan Dark Lotion
2010 saw me try a whole host of new fake tanners, all trying to beat my favourite Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe, some came close but only one beat it. Another Xen Tan product, their dark lotion is unlike any other lotion self tanner I have tried. Before this I used to hate lotions, only using Deep Bronze Luxe once a week, I found the majority just left me sticky and streaky. But not this bad boy it dried quickly, gave a good guide colour, developed fast and didn't give me a horrible strong fake tan smell. Even the boyfriend didn't mind. I have gone through easily 5 bottles of this and I can see many more being used too.

♥Famous Dave Tanning Mousse
A couple of girls had blogged about the brand and how amazing the products where, but it was a relatively unknown brand to me after a little research I discovered this had a bit of a cult following with celebs and knew I had to try the mousse. As soon as it arrived I stripped down and started slapping it on, one of the easiest tanners I've used, and the best colour result that I've had from a mousse. Deep dark golden brown, no orange tones, no streaks just a healthy 2 week in the sun tan. Another favourite tanner.

♥Paul Mitchell Haircare
Now I couldn't really narrow this one down, what did I love most? The shampoo, conditioner, styling products or treatments? In all honest, I loved it all! After Nicola introduced the brand to me I purchased a few products hoping to get as fantastic results as she had. I was disappointed, after using a Paul Mitchell routine for my hair care in 3 weeks but hair totally transformed from dull dry and brittle to soft shiny and bouncy, I couldn't believe it. 3 products to try, Super Strong Liquid Treatment, Original Moisture Mask and the Glaze. 

♥Green & Spring Relaxing Bath Oil
Having had such a stressful year I have really gone back to loving long hot soaks in the bath, and bath oils are a love of mine I have way more than one girl needs. The reason I've picked this as my No1 is how moisturised my skin feels after the bath without feeling too greasy, some oils are just too much for the skin, and I love how the lavender scent lingers on my skin after so every so often I get a burst of relaxing lavender.

 And last but not least No 10...

♥Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (everything else by them)
After reading so many rave reviews, and watching too many QVC shows my Gran kindly bought me one their duo of this with a toner. It is now my favourite cleansers, with this I don't need a separate eye make-up cleansers, one pump of this dissolves all my make-up and deeply cleanses my skin. Making it look and feel amazing, the muslin cloths are great for scruffing away any dead skin cells gently every day. Nothing has beaten this cleanser for me.

So there you go I hope you've enjoyed reading about the products I have loved this year. If I were to recommend one to you it would most definitely be the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish it is my HG and I'm sure you will all fall in love with it like I did.

I'm looking forward to what 2011 has in store beauty wise! What did you discover and love this year?


Justine @ Productrater said...

Does the clinique foundation actually help acne go away or does it help prevent more or what does it do? I was interested in this, but read in other reviews that it's not great for dry skin.

MakeupLoveer said...

I have combo skin, so like now in winter it gets a little drier and it really helps. Everyones skin is different though. And as for acne it helps to clear any spots you have, and treatment them to help them heal quicker. Obviously it wouldnt be the sole product you use to treat them, but it goes a long way to help,

Hope that helps

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I am in love with my Liz Erle cleanse and polish...its life changing.
I really want an HD blush by MUFE. I think you have convinced me to get one.