Friday, 10 December 2010

Blog Sale Time!♥

Hey my lovely scrumptious readers :) Hope you are all well, and enjoying this holiday season! This is just a small blog sale, as much as I love these items they sit unused and I think it's time they found a loving home with one of you beautiful people! 

1. Postage is £2.50 (£3.50 international)2. Paypal to pay!3. Leave a comment with your paypal email, what you want and where you live! 4. I will obtain proof of postage for all items, they will be sent recorded (which is why P&P is 50p higher this time) but once they leave my loving hands I am not responsible for it. If something goes missing I am not responsible, I will provide you with the tracking number.

Top row left to right:
1. MAC LE Emanuel Ungaro Beauty Powder - Flower Mist Dew
Used x2 £11
2. MAC MSF - Blonde
Used x4 £12*PENDING*

Bottom row left to right:
3. MAC Mineralize Blush - Love Joy
Used x3 £9
4. MAC Mineralize Blush - Gentle 
Used x4 £8.50*PENDING*

Left to right:
5. MAC Pigment - Quick Frost
Used x2 £10
6. MAC Pigment - Teal
Used x1 £10

7. MAC Gel Blush - Just a Pinch
Used x1 £11.50

Left to right:
8. MAC Lipglass - Queen Bee
Used x1 £6.00
9. MAC Lipstick - Tanarama 
Used x3 £7.50
10. MAC Lipstick - Way to Love
Used x5 £7.00*PENDING*


gemma said...
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Something Beautiful said...

hey, i'd love "gentle" mineralize blush. paypal invoice to please and i live in germany. :) xx

Something Beautiful said...

i'm super sorry, but i'll have to step back from it. i hope that's okay.


Bows and Butterflies said...

Could i have gentle please. Bummer the way to love lippie has gone :(
I have just sent you a tweet about it but my paypal is
Sarah x

. said...

I tweeted you like seconds after the sale went up but I guess you didn't get it :o(

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Love your blog!
Can i please have MAC Love Joy,
thanks hun

Laura Paige said...

hi im just wondering if you still have these products im really interested please get in contact with me at please x