Monday, 13 December 2010

My Nail Rock♥

The biggest nail trend that is floating about right now is nail wraps, funky patterns, bright colours and delicate designs that you perhaps wouldn't be able to create using a nail brush. But with brands like Nail Rock and Minx you can get some serious hot nails!

For £6.50 you get a sheet of the nail wraps, with a choice of 24 stunning designs there is one for everyone and every mood. I went for the red lace print as I thought it was different and it fits in with my love of all things red right now.

I was a little nervous about using these at first, they have been sitting lonely in my nail box for around a month I was sure I would never get it right and end up wasting them creating a disaster! But it is so easy to do, a lot simpler that I previously thought they would be.

How to Nail Rock:

1 - Ease back cuticle and remove any nail polish.
2 - Shape and file the nail edge.
3 - Gently remove surface shine using a nail buffer or a smooth nail file.
4 - Select Nail Rock Wrap nearest to your cuticle size. These can be trimmed to fit if needed.
5 - Do not touch the adhesive side of the wrap that will be used on your nail.
6 - Place at the cuticle edge and apply heat from a small or travel hairdryer for a few seconds until the wrap is hot, soft and pliable.

It is important to keep the Nail Rock hot and pliable throughout the process, heating until it goes soft at each stage. The heat activates the adhesive and allows Nail Rock to fit over the curve of the nail. A travel hairdryer is the most effective.

7 - While the wrap is still hot, applying firm pressure, press the wrap down onto one side of the nail. Re-heat, making sure the wrap is soft again and firmly press it down onto the other side of the nail.
8 - Heat again and push firmly over the entire nail for a secure fit. If there is a crease; re-heat, gently lift the wrap off the nail and reapply adding further heat and firm pressure.
9 - To complete the seal, heat the whole area again and then gently pull the excess part of the wrap over the filed edge of the nail so that the shape of the edge becomes apparent through the wrap. Pull firmly but be careful not to stretch the wrap.
10- File off excess wrap at the end of the nail in a downward motion with a fine wooden file.

And this is the end result! 

A little messy at the tips but to be fair this was my first attempt, and I don't mind as you can't even notice it. Just up close like this you can.

I really would like to try the classic leopard print, the black polka dots and the gorgeous metallic gold. They are the kind of designs I've been after but can never seem to get right at home myself, so glad Nail Rock offer a quick and easy way to get A-list nails.

Nail Rock is an amazing brand and I really recommend you all try some out, if you do or have let me know what design you went for and how you got on?!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely nails <33


Gem said...

Glad to hear it's easy - I've bought the cheetar print ones and am planning to try them on Friday for my Crimbo party! x

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MissPukku said...

Cuteeee! =)