Monday, 20 December 2010

Miners Autumn/Winter Nails♥

Miners have done a good job in creating some stunning shades for this season, and at affordable prices too only £2.99 each. The colours are rich and vampy, perfect for bringing your nails on trend during the holiday party time.

The five colours (going left from right in the picture), LBD a shiny black perfect for a vampy look, Dorothys Shoes which is a really pretty shimmery red I can see where they took the inspiration from, Mulberry Shimmer a rich plum brown that looks beautiful on my toes really lifting my tan, Molton is my favourite a rich gold with plenty of shimmer and finally Midnight Lavender is a steel grey with heavy undertone of lilac another fave of mine.

Surprisingly the quality is really good for the price, on my toes it lasted 9 days before chipping (no top coat) and on my fingers they last a good 6 days before any need for tidying up.

Grab yours here!

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FunnyFaceBeauty said...

wow...i have never seen polishes from that company before. I love the metallics.