Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Product of the week♥

This is a cult product, it seems to be on most peoples 'must have' list, and it's no wonder why. It is my must have in winter, solving everything from dry chapped lips, dry flakey skin and  even my hands. I know some people find this a little greasy but I like it, feels more silky to me. I keep this in my handbag so it is always on hand for those beauty emergencies. I have no doubt I will re-buy this again, though this is my second tube and it lasts me forever as you need a tiny amount to get the full benefits.


Catanya said...

Hello, gorgeous!
I have recently purchased this annd I am somehow at odd ends: have you felt it clogging your pores when using it on your face?

CutieCocoChanel said...

I love the eight hour cream :)
it is a little on the sticky side and has a slightly strong smell but its something you get use to :)
With Love Chanel

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Ive never heard of this before (which is sad because I try to stay on top of all the big holy grail beauty products). Would you say it would be good or bad for oily skin?