Tuesday, 21 December 2010

OOTD & A ramble♥

Since it is super chilly in the UK with all the snow, I have began to layer my clothes a lot more. Since I only had to nip to the doctors again I went very casual no need for anything special. My leggings are from Topshop, I have a peach vest top (underneath) again from Topshop and then my oversized white tee is from Republic it is by Crafted. I love my oversized t-shirt it features a lot in colder whether as it is perfect for layer, it is so soft and the long sleeves keep my arms nice and cosy in the cold.

As for accessories, I wore my Vivienne Westwood Pearl Orb earrings, my sideways cross necklace and stacked some bracelets. I wore my uggs and opted for my Orange Chloe bag. 

Like I said it has been snowing a lot in the UK, airports and trains cancelled and roads are a nightmare. I live in North West England and will be travelling down to Marlow in Buckinghamshire on the 23rd, a journey that would normally take between 4-5 hours but now due to weather I reckon it will be double that. As a family friend drove from near here down to Marlow a day or so ago, a journey which took him a mind numbing 15 hours. CRAZY. It is times like this I wish my car was automatic instead of manual.

I love snow, it makes me feel all happy inside it is always a great feeling seeing it fall out my window. But I have to admit it is a pain when I need to get home for Christmas!

Hope you all have a great Christmas, and get to spend it with your loved ones.


Fern said...

I love your top! It's so pretty, also loving the snow! x

Steph0188 said...

Love this outfit- such a cute top! I love to layer at the moment, I am freezing outside & then just get ott hot inside!
Loving the snow if I'm honest- a little walk in the park is as much as Ilike to do though, hate driving in it xx

a!k0 said...

wow look at all the snow... and i love how you layer your outfit! :D cute