Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday Session♥

Hello cupcakes! Hope you are all good, and have had a fabulous week? My week has been a bit up and down, I'm currently on day 10 of both an abdominal and head migraine which is not nice, and very very painful. To top it all off the sickness that accompanies it is ridiculous, so all in all I have been rather drained this week.

♥ Disney films - My dad got me a load of Disney films, so being the big child that I am I have enjoyed being snuggled up in my cosy bed all toasty and laughing along to the movies. My favourite was Shrek no matter how many times I watch it I still love that film!

♥ Candles - Again I'm featuring candles as I discovered a new scent that fills my room making it smell divine! That is vanilla and chocolate, I tend not to like chocolate scented candles they always smell too 'fake' for my liking but this one smells almost good enough to eat :)

♥ Individual false lashes - I always seem to have a pack around somewhere but I never ever used them they were always just pushed to the bottom of a box. But over the last 3 weeks they have become my new best friend, carefully applying a few lashes to my upper lash line I don't need to apply any mascara just a touch to my bottom lashes. With a bit of practice I find them easy peasy to apply, using Duo glue they last all day nothing budges them.

♥ Peppermint tea - This is something I go through phases of drinking, and over the last fortnight I have been sipping numerous cups a day in a bid to help my sore tummy and bloating. I always find this works a treat and really does soothe my stomach. Another favourite herbal tea of mine is strawberry yummy.

♥ Dior lipstick - Go have a read of my latest lipstick post on my new love Dior Replenishing Lipstick  and maybe you will fall in love with it like I have.

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