Saturday, 11 December 2010

I'm a Mysterious Girl♥

See what I did with the title? I can be rather clever. If you haven't already guessed this post will be featuring the recently launched new perfume from Peter Andre called Mysterious Girl. I will be the first to admit I am not a huge Peter Andre fan but I am a sucker for celebrity perfumes. Named after his most recognizable song from 1992, Mysterious girl is a catchy song that you find spinning round and round your head. This pleasantly surprised me I expected something overtly sweet and sickly, but it is a fresh scent that settles a little deeper, with the mix of rose and jasmine give you an initial floral burst which then settles into a sweeter musk that is really nice. 

What Peter has to say about his latest scent 
"Mysterious Girl is my favourite Fragrance to date ­ I've been developing this for over a year. I will be travelling around the country doing perfume signings and meeting my fans, I can't wait to hear what they think. I hope people enjoy this Fragrance as much as I enjoyed developing it for them."

The top notes are Rose, peach, leafy green. Heart notes of Lemon Blossom, Jasmine, Waterlily and Orange Flower. And the base notes are Heliotropin, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood and musk.

It's the kind of perfume I see a lot different woman wearing, and one I have been sporting the last 2 days non-stop happily sprinkling myself with more of its lovely floral scent. I am a fan. 

You can buy this from The Perfume Shop with prices starting at £19.50 for 50ml

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