Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Body Shop: Vit E illuminating moisture cream♥

♥The Body Shop Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream♥

My skin was getting rather dull a couple of weeks ago, and i wanted a cream that would help to bring back some life to my skin. I headed to The Body Shop because it was my birthday month and i had a £5 off voucher plus the usual % off.

It was a toss up between the Vit C or Vit E, the latter got it.

This is a lovely cream that really does lift any dullness in the skin, it's thick but nothing too much that it doesn't sink in easily. I use a pea sized amount, at first i had concern that this would only make my oily skin worse but it didn't! However, on the side of cautious if you have oily skin i would leave it to sink in for a good amount of time before you apply any makeup! 

It smells like baby lotion to me which i love, nothing different to the rest of the vitamin E range.

This is an illuminating cream, so as such i only tend to use this if my skin is looking rather dull, i use my Garnier moisturiser every other day.

You can see that it does give a shimmer to the skin, i used a decent amount to demonstrate this, you don't get the same affect all over your face, the shimmer is fairly undetectable. I just want to show you how much this reflects like onto the skin.

The packaging is in a tub, i would prefer a pump, for hygiene reasons and its less messy! Sticking my fingers with falsies on means products under the nail, no nice.

Overall the product does what it says it will, i definately do an improvement in my skins brightness. When this runs out i will be buying it again.

I really wanna try The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream, anyone tried it? Thoughts?



Leanne Marie. said...

I have the vitamin E Cleanser, Toner, night cream and moisturising cream you have reviewed here.
Highly reccomend, definately have brightened up my skin using all the products together. My skin always feels very fresh and clean after using them too.

Leanne x

CassandraKK said...

omg gorgeous. I have the Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream and I use it when my skin gets super dehydrated (usually on the side of my face/jawline), I love this stuff, but its too heavy for wearing all the time on my oily skin. I'll have to give this illuminating cream a try!!! Thanks for the great post.