Tuesday, 8 June 2010

YSL im in love♥

♥YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks♥
It all started with the lingerie pink, i fell in love right away, the texture, pigmentation, the scent & the shiney gold packaging! 
The colour are super pretty, and i've got 5, with my eye on 2 more colours. I love how they feel and look on my lips, they don't last long on my lips but i don't mind as i love putting them on.

The packaging is what draws me to these little beauties the most i think, its just so elegant and well, gold! I think its over the top but i am tickled by YSL packaging. A bit of magpie in me maybe?

The scent is a fruity melon scent which i love, i love this more than the scent of my mac lippie, and i love them!

If i had to choose one formulation of lipsticks to wear forever it would hands down be rouge volupte's.

So this is my little stash :)

swatches below
♥top row: No1, No 2 & No 7♥
♥bottom row: No 13 & No 26♥

They are a little pricey but for me totally worth it♥



Hello Barbie said...

They all look gorgeous but no 13 looks the prettiest to me. I've never tried an YSL lippie so might have to after seeing this x

nicoletta said...

I'm so jealous no 26 looks amazing i dont own any of these yet x