Saturday, 19 June 2010

NARS has 'Enchanted' me♥

♥NARS - Enchanted - Cream Blush♥

I bought this from the lovely Nic who was selling it on her blog. At £14 i snapped it up!

It's a lovely peachy colour, with shimmer. I have been really into anything peach coloured a of late, and i have suddenly become addicted to cream blushes too.

This stays on a fair amount of time, i found myself re-applying a little on the apples of my cheeks at 2ish in the afternoon so not bad. Don't worry about the shimmer either it blend's into the skin, and i found for me it didn't travel around my face as the day went on.

♥Swatch below♥

Overall i am very happy with this colour, and next on my list is going to be Penny Lane.
RRP £19.50 
you can buy it HERE

Have you tried any NARS cream blushes, what ones do you love? or hate?



dontcallmejessie said...

I have Enchanted and Goldmember and they are both amazing! I like using them as highlights above my cheekbones. So pretty - and they don't budge! :)

Hello Barbie said...

Pretty! x

MissCarrion said...

I just bought Enchanted off TradeMe (New Zealand's answer to ebay heh!) and I absolutely love it - I've never really liked cream blushes before, I always found they were too wet, but this is such a gorgeous texture that I think I might need another colour!