Monday, 7 June 2010

when is too much, too much?

I'm sat here, thinking i must write a blog post, but feeling god awful and coming up with no inspiration. The only thought buzzing in my head is 'christ Louise how much of this stuff do you have?!' its that reality moment i get every so often that force me to stop buying make-up, so for 2-3-4 months i wont buy nearly half as much as i do. I mean even the hauls i post up on my blog i only do if i realllly like the items you guys don't get to see each item i get my grubby hands on, that also goes for things i have been sent, many an item has gone back into its box and never to be seen. 

I guess the tone of this post it going to be me, trying to justify my addiction, i think it should be called an addiction. In my room i had 3 drawers full of make-up, countless pieces lying around, boxes of skin care, body care, hair care. I have a bag of shower gel under my bed, backups of all my faves, in case i ever run out or in-case one day i wanna switch it up. But then i do that with a few things. 

How much is too much? I live with two other girls, one who has what i would class as a 'normal' amount of make-up and the other is only just getting into make-up (thanks to moi). Then there's me, who has so much that i forget i have something and will re-buy it, come home fuss over it and go to put it with its new siblings only to see i already have it.

I must own over 20 foundations, yet i only wear 1, at a push 2 at a time. So why do i have/need so many? Mainly i guess for my obsession to find the next best thing so i will buy and buy and buy until i find my HG, but then again i will watch a youtube video or read a post and suddenly will get the feeling of 'i must try this amazing wonderful new product!' am i alone? Now i'm very aware that some of you are reading this, and laughing, whilst some of you are secretly happy that we could easily form a club,

"Hi my names Louise, and i have a make-up addiction, its been 2 days since i last caved in"

But a much as i love make-up, and i really do i love the creativity i can release and the endless looks to be created, i do sit and ask myself why do i have so much? And honestly, i cant answer it, i just love it! However i do secretly get a satisfaction seeing other girlies collections and seeing how much more they have than me, and i feel less obsessed with what some deem trivial. I used to have a insane amount but i have passed alot onto my mum, my family and my friends.

So where is my rambling going? How big is your make-up stash? and how do you feel about? Do you ever get the moment of 'dear god this is alot!'

Let me know in the comments, i would love to hear from your point of view!



Cindy Khor said...

i totally agree. its a never ending process of trying and buying new things when it comes to makeup. and in order to justify whatever i bought in a haul, i'll watch other youtuber's video or read other's blog and compare my tiny amount to theirs. which in turn, makes me wanna buy even more.

but as long as i have the enough amount of money (and of course the storage space), i would certainly, too much is actually not too much.

Hello Barbie said...

I have so much and cannot explain why but I love the confidence doing my make-up gives me, I love trying out different lotions and potions and seeing how they make my skin feel and I love that make-up counter purchase which just leaves you glowing for hours afterwards.

My addiction makes me happy and is harmless. Long live make-up! x

Olivia said...

I think I have a really small collection of makeup. But I'm still currently on a spending ban, as I don't want to get sucked into the whole process of feeling the need to buy something because other people have it.

I'm also trying to use up all my hair and skin care products before buying new ones! If you haven't already, then I'd love to see a storage post, to see how much you have and to see how you store it. I love these kinds of posts! :)


Jessica Rose said...

ahh this is such a good blog post, I so much agree. I found myself saying this and haven't really bought a 'haul' of make up in a few months now. It kinda sickens me thinking how much £20 would mean for some people, and that I use to go throwing it at another foundation that I didn't need!

Hannah said...

Haha could definitely form a club. I completely undertsand the watching a video/reading a blog and feeling like you HAVE to have a product! But I just love buying it too much. I can't believe that product buying have over-taken my clothes spending! xxx