Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Product im loving this week♥

With all this sun my skin has gotten a tad oily on my forehead and i really don't wanna layer any more product on my skin, lets face it i'm only clog my skin up and i really do not want that.

So.. i have found myself throwing these into my handbag, SleekMakeUP blotting papers (i got these for free at their event), they soak up any oil on my skin without disrupting my make-up so i still look lovely throughout all this hot weather! :)



Robyn said...

I've been thinking about getting some of these so I don't have to cake on powder throughout the day..I think I will get myself some of these ones, thanks for the recommendation :) xx

Hello Barbie said...

Thanks for the heads up! 2 days into my new job and my forehead is oily due to walking to work/the stuffy office. Will pick these up :) x

elfpixie said...

ooh, i might go out and buy these! it'll save me having to use mac's blot powder all day

Roseline said...

Love blotting papers. They are a lifesaver LOL.