Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Neal's Yard Power Berry Moisturiser Review

Neal's Yard Power Berry Moisturiser Review

I got this in a magazine awhile ago i think, and to be honest i shoved it into a box, i didn't want to consider another moisturiser i love my Clinique too much. But my normal moisturiser ran out, and as im saving atm i decided to give this a go.

Its their Power Berry moisturiser which claims to "boosts radiance & protects youthful skin" everything i want in a cream, and its packed with antioxidents too. Plus "no mineral oils - no synthetic fragrance or colours - no parabens - no silcones - no phthalates" This moisturiser is sounding even better now right?

Neal's Yard is a brand i had heard about but never tried, so i didn't know what to expect whether it was good or not. This is a lovely light weight cream, the standard white in colour, which takes a few mintutes to sink in but i like to really rub my moisturisers in so this doesnt bother me at all. 

Scent wise, im not too sure how to describe it, definately has some herbal notes with a touch of mint? Maybe?..

What does the website say:
"This lightweight, easily absorbed daily moisturising lotion containing antioxidant-rich acai, bilberry, goji berry and rosehip, supports the skin with hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture levels, whilst a synergistic combination of buddleia and thyme, containing antioxidant flavonoids, and anti-inflammatory saponins and triterpenoids, acts as an anti pollutant to help combat ‘city stress’ and promote skin radiance and vitality."

What did i think? - I really like how smooth and oft my skin felt after 3 days of using this, and my skin tone started to brighten a little. Although it doesn't have a SPF in it, which i really do like in my daily moisturiser. As for anti ageing, i don't believe this is gonna keep me looking youthful but it does lift the dullness from my skin tone. 

I have combination skin, and this sinks in nicely, i wasn't left greasy at all. However i do think if you have oily skin you would maybe need a primer before your makeup. 

Am i going to buy a full size? No, sorry neal's yard, this one isn't for me. 

However i would love to try their Rehydrating rose moisturiser. That sounds good.

£22.00 for 100ml
You can buy it HERE


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