Thursday, 10 June 2010


♥MY BIRTHDAY on Saturday 12th June! =D
♥The weather! it has been so sunny and hot recently i'm loving in, get to wear my skirts & dresses, which are far more comfy than jeans etc.
♥Xen Tan. My new tanning love, the dark lotion not only gives me the best dark golden glow but it smells scrummy too!
♥Excited for the body shop event! roll on London 25th June
♥Having my Mr here for 3 whole months = me veryveryvery happy
♥Peachy lips, you have all seen my little obsession growing.

♥Rain, why do you have to come and ruin the hot sunny weather?!
♥Moving house, so stressful, i have had enough now can i just move in and live please?
♥Getting sad news about my grandfathers cancer :(
♥Still very ill, & still got a million pills to take a day =/

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Hello Barbie said...

Hope your grandfather gets well soon. Keep smiling! x