Saturday, 19 June 2010

MAC To The Beach - Bronze Body Oil♥

♥MAC To The Beach - Bronze Body Oil♥

I am loving this product! The reason i got these was i was hoping to  bring a little bit of bronzed shimmery goodness to my legs for nights out, and it does. This shimmer isn't too intense, have a look at the piccies below if you want to it check out, which means that it doesn't travel everywhere which i hate with some 'glow' lotions.

From using this on my legs i have also noticed that overall skin tone to my legs is evened out, every so slightly though.

It sinks in nicely, i only use 3 pumps per leg, anymore and i think you would begin to feel slightly greasy. Since i only need 3 pumps a leg this is lasting pretty well, so glad i have a back up. 

The pump is handy as i think if it was any other way it would very verrry messy to apply.

Now begins the hunt for a dupe?

Have you got this? Are you a lover or hater?


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