Friday, 11 June 2010

Golden Goodness with Xen Tan♥

♥As you know Xen Tan sent me their dark lotion to try, and i swear to you i have not touched another tanner since i got that product! It's rather scrummy.. builds up to the darkest (fake) tan i've had from a bottle.

Now i wasn't no pale princess before, like i said i've been using this since i got it, the before pictures your going to see are the results after 5 days & 4 showers! As you can see no patchy skin..

♥Here is some before snaps♥

♥And some after♥

What i love about this is you can be messy with your application, so long as you dont miss any patches, & it wont streak. To get a really deep tan apply in the morning, shower off at night and re-apply, in the morning you will wake up a bronzed beauty - without the biscuit smell!

I am nearing the end of my bottle already, so need to get some more. But i can 100% say to you that Xen Tan Dark Lotion beats any other tanner i have tried and i will rebuy& rebuy& rebuy!

♥Lemme know if you have tried this, how dark did you go?♥



Lora said...

I've got it and love it. The best part is you can get an overnight tan but still layer! xx

Mybutterfly63 said...

Im desperate to try this! Need to try get my hands on some.

Lisa xx

Happy1234 said...

Xen Tan is awesome - I have tried a couple of the products :)