Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Lippie&Lipstick of the day:)♥

I bought thi whilst in town today, 

♥BarryM lipstick no53♥
It's a lovely pearly bright peach. Loving this on my lips atm, its one of the more creamy formulations, unlike 101 which is a matte and albeit drying. It lasts a fair amount of time, ive had 3 cps of tea and a bottle of juice and its still present on my lips. 

swatches below:

♥Told you im really into peach lips atm, i think this is my 6th new peach lipstick! Obsession...



nicoletta said...

That looks gorgeous i might have to try that one out myself. x

Hello Barbie said...

It look gorgeous! x