Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Clinique Foundation Guide: Anti-Blemish Solutions ♥

Cliniques Anti-Blemish foundation is a life saver for me, when the unfortunate times happen that I get a few breakouts I try to minimize what/how many products I use on my face. I don't want to clog my pores up more and make any spots worse, which is where this little tube comes in handy.

It is so important to look after your skin but sometimes (especially at that time of the month) you can't avoid spots, and I think treating any skin problems benefits you so much more than camouflaging them. When it comes to make-up I always grab this if I have particular bad breakouts. Clinique incorporated their anti-blemish treatment skin care into the foundation, with a moderate to full coverage it hides any nasty bumps and spots but it helps to balance the skin out so it will guard against any further spots rearing their ugly heads. 

The oil free formula helps to control oil in the skin, giving you flawless coverage for up to eight hours. It helps to look after the skin and doesn't cause any further irritation, I hate the feeling of having a spot and my make-up is making it itchy and bothered. Cliniques anti-blemish foundation is very cooling on the skin, not uncomfortable at all.

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Vintage Lady said...

This is great, I have used it some time ago, when I used to have some breakouts. It helped me a lot. Now I really am looking for some make ups that help me take off some slight rose areas because my skin is simply sensitive. Oh problem after problem, isn´t it. Hugs!