Saturday, 19 February 2011

Jimmy Choo Perfume ♥

There was a lot of hype and buzz surrounding the launch of this perfume from Jimmy Choo, many of us bloggers were eager with excitement to see if it would really live up to the hype created. After hearing a few bloggers say how amazing it was, how they loved it and was there must have perfume I knew I would need to try it for myself. 

Having spent a few years creating this perfume, with the makers who also created the much loved Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb, I knew even before trying it it was going to be a good scent, a must have, it had a lot to live up to so no wonder they took their time with it. Firstly I love the bottle, sneakily similar to Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, it has the same ideas for shape and sophistication. A beautiful addition to any vanity table or bathroom, I have this on display as it is too pretty to hide away. 

When you initially spray the perfume is comes out a lot stronger, let it settle into your skin and it becomes much lighter, creamier a truly yummy scent. It is a strong vanilla/toffee feel, very sweet and sugary, creating a lovely alluring and sexy scent.

With notes of Tigar Orchad, Peach Nectar, Sweet Italian Orange, Toffee and Indonesian Patchouli. It is richer than I expected, I thought it would be very light and fruity but instead they went like I said with a sugary and slightly heavier feel. Very wearable for day or night, I've been wearing it all day and nights out too.

So for me this did like up to the hype, and is one perfume I recommend anyone picks up this year you won't be disappointed at all.

40ml £38.30
60ml £48.50
100ml £67.50 


Harrriiiet said...

I really want to try it,
love the bottle design.

Anonymous said...

I <3 this Perfume too.. its beautiful and the smell lasts for ages :) Defo a must have.

Sophiebelle x

Vintage Lady said...

I really can't say much, I only know about it via press and web. can't order from the perfume shop, so i am trying to find out how to test this perfume in spain. i am glad you like it! xx

Anonymous said...

I've smelt this via a magazine tester plus being got in a shop with it. Ive got to say it is a nice fragrance. Not to sure its my type yet, might need another sniffing first.