Friday, 18 February 2011

Lets get Naked! ♥

In my first post I showed you my new palette love, and now I'm going to swatch it for you. I am in no doubt you all have seen this 129466195900365 times before but I am in LOVE with this Urban Decay palette so if for no one else, I am posting this so I can have a post for just how special it is.

The pictures follow the palette from left to right, just had to break it into two as the full picture was a little blurred.

And the eye liners, these are fabulous, and will do a separate review comparing these to other long wearing eye liner pencils.


Corrie♥ said...

So Jealous! Such gorgeous colours :) x

FaceFixers said...

I want this so much!

Is it discontinued?

Dee x

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Is it discontinued in the UK?

MakeupLoveer said...

it was LE but I was informed we should be getting it back around March time! x